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Do I need this course to understand sustainable happiness?

This course integrates the Foster/Hicks model and sustainable happiness in a manner
that has never been done before. You can access information on the Foster/Hicks
model and sustainable happiness through the web sites listed on the Bios page.
You can read our books and publications. These will provide very helpful information
and we encourage you to read these materials. The Sustainable Happiness Course
provides an entirely novel experience with activities that have not been published
anywhere else.

How is this course different from other happiness courses?

The course is unique because it links your individual well-being with community and global
well-being. It is about each person finding his or her own happiness within the context of
how that happiness impacts other people and the natural environment. The Sustainable
Happiness Course really does take happiness to the next level.

Will I need to buy the book, "How We Choose To Be Happy" by Foster and Hicks?

Rick and Greg's book is not necessary to take the course but is highly recommended.

Will I meet the instructors or other participants?

No. This is an individual course that you take on your own. The video tutorials with
Rick, Greg and Catherine are meant to be informative as well as personal.

How long does my subscription last?

There is currently no time limit on the course.

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